A collection of my finest works (not including underwater basket weaving).


Atmos DIY Rockets

A fictional corporate-themed website centred around making do-it-yourself rockets accessible to everyone. Whether it's for commuting or pleasure, Atmos has the kit you need to interplanetary travel starting from your living room.

Coffee Culture

A redesign of a website for a local coffee shop chain. The rich, warm hues bring a sense of comfort and homliness that invites community. Friendly faces and large, refined typography invite customers to stay a while longer than their last sip of coffee.

Liz Wolff

A client project completed for Liz Wolff, a marriage and family counsellor. Using soft gradients and calming colours to bring Liz's clients tranquility for her therapy business.

Friendship Co-Housing Community

A client project completed for Friendship Co-Housing Community, a Quaker community living centre based out of England. Using flowing illustrations and earthy colours to reflect Friendship's convictions on having their residents being surrounded by nature.


MJ's Kafe

A redesigned website for a beloved local Mennonite restaurant. MJ's Kafe is known for their authentic mennonite dishes that taste just the way momma used to make it. Modern design trends mix with home-cooked traditional dishes to bring the perfect blend of old and new.