Dan Funk - The Winnipeg Developer and Designer behind Defunk Design

A little about me.

And how my life got flipped-turned upside down.


Hey there, Dan here. I’m a thoughtful and creative person full of love for programming and design. I have about four years of web development experience under my belt. Currently, I’m working at The Teacher App as a WordPress Developer, having just finished up an 80-hour internship at Civita Laurea, also doing WordPress development. In addition, I’ve recently completed a two-year full-time course at RRC Polytech in the Interaction Design & Development program. The companies I’ve been blessed to work with have experienced international praise for their new websites and a notable increase in traffic.
My problem-solving skills are one of my most notable qualities. I’ve been known to tackle a solution and come up with creative workarounds that end up improving the situation. It’s a reason why I love programming so much—it’s an opportunity to overcome massive obstacles. The rush of adrenaline after solving a problem like that is why I love what I do.


In my free time, you can find me teaching myself new skills (because boredom is life-sucking). The project taking up my time at the moment is an iOS app I’ve been learning to code in SwiftUI. When I’m not coding, I’m watching the latest Marvel movie for the third time or playing MarioKart on my Switch. I live in a small town outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba with a family that I love dearly. No pets, but would love to get a bird the moment I live in a place that allows them. As an active participator in my community, I’m often volunteering for my church or a couple of local charities.




Web Designer / Developer

South East Helping Hands

Redesigned and developed a rebranded website using HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript to clarify their processes, and make their resources more accessible.



Web Development Classes

Steinbach Regional Secondary School

Attended classes on Web Development and graduated with 100% in the course. Refined skills on HTML and CSS. Learned the fundamentals of CSS grid and flexbox.



Technology Consultant / Technology Service Specialist

Staples Canada

Created associate reference materials that were distributed across stores in Manitoba. Implemented new sales strategies, leading the store to its most profitable year ever.



Digital Media Design Certificate

RRC Polytech

Classes taken in 3D Artistry & Modelling, Front-End Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), Video Editing & Filming, Drawing & Illustration, Photography



Web Designer / Developer

CareImpact Canada

Recreated the CareImpact website using online front-end technologies, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Built various JavaScript apps and widgets that are now being used and distributed to implementing partners across North America.



WordPress Developer

Civita Laurea

Used various researched plugins and tools on a WordPress staging site to create a rebranded educational resource site. Collaborated on a team of five people, and delegated tasks to team members.



WordPress Developer

The Teacher App

Participated in the rebranding of the organization, and redeveloped their website from the ground up on WordPress. Transitioned to the new website without any issues, and received high external and internal praise for excellent design and functionality of the site.



Interaction Design & Development Diploma

RRC Polytech

Classes taken in Front-End Development (JavaScript, React.js, jQuery), Server-Side Programming (PHP, mYSQL), User Experience, Typography, Web Design and User Interface Design

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